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The Pinhole Camera is a practical how-to manual for making pinhole cameras and images. The techniques contained here are not difficult to master, and soon you will find yourself constructing your own cameras and making wonderful, innovative images. The content is divided into four parts, spanning fourteen comprehensive chapters. The Beginner Track, Advanced Track, and Creative Opportunities serve as an intuitive structure to the topics and techniques introduced so that both beginners and advanced artists can work at their own pace. Read more >

Book Reviews
"The Pinhole Camera is so much more than a pinhole book. Though the whole and simple process of pinholing is summed up on one of the first pages of the book, Brian Krummel manages to squeeze in just about every aspect of pinholing in this encyclopedia." Read more >

Malin Fabbri

"To be perfectly honest, when I learned the title of Brian Krummel’s new book The Pinhole Camera I couldn’t help but think 'not another pinhole book.' After spending some time with the book however I was delighted to learn that it is just that; 'NOT just another pinhole book!'" Read more >

Blue Mitchell

Editor, Diffusion magazine