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Newsworthy tidbits— anything from newly released books or magazines, industry competitions, or upcoming workshops.

Collection of camera reviews and do-it-yourself tutorials—anything from commercial products to monster garage experiments.

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Chock full of tips, tricks, and suggestions for improving your creative game.

Take 5 Interview
Continuation of interviewed and featured pinhole artists from around the planet. Each artist is asked a set of five questions that will shed light on their persona, their portfolio, and their creative take on this intriguing art form called pinhole photography.

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Follow our blog for more pinhole links, tutorials, gear spotlights, and artist interviews. We are planning for a new weekly artist interviews each Friday, with a sprinkle of other content throughout the week. Interested in being featured in our Take 5 series? Review the interview questions and guidelines.

September 10, 2010

Take 5 interview: scott stillman
In 2005, I came across a pinhole photograph for the first time. I can't remember the particular photo, but I remember being amazed at the unique quality of it. Read more>

September 3, 2010

Take 5 interview: BOB ST.CYR
I really like working with my 120 Pinhole Blender with Velvia to capture colours; I like my ZeroImage 4x5 @ a focal length of 25mm when I really want to "stretch out" the image, and just a straight pinhole camera for events and street scenes. Read more>

August 27, 2010

Take 5 interview: Etienne Groepl
The first contact to pinhole photography was via Flickr, when I first saw some breathtaking pictures of the panoramic (6x12) pinholecamera Holga 120 WPC. Read more>

August 13, 2010

Take 5 interview: Sean duggan
I had dabbled with it now and then in the 1990s, but more as a "let's try this and see if anything comes out" approach. It was nothing very focused (no pun intended). Read more>

August 6, 2010

Take 5 interview: Steve Gosling
The Pinhole Camera interviews artist Steve Gosling. It all started as a bit of fun, an experimentation to see what I could do with a pinhole camera in the landscape - it wasn't driven by any commercial considerations... Read more>

July 16, 2010

Take 5 interview: Ken Ku
The Pinhole Camera interviews artist Ken Ku. Read more>

July 9, 2010

Take 5 interview: Danny Kalkhoven
The Pinhole Camera interviews artist Danny Kalkhoven. Read more>

July 2, 2010

Take 5 interview: paul jones
I first saw Paul's work on YouTube (of all places) as I searched for pinhole related information and tutorials. His work produced with a Zero Image camera is some of the best that I have seen. Read more>

June 25, 2010

Take 5 interview: diane peterson
Diane's work has a typical classic, vintage feel to it that is enchanting. Read more>

June 18, 2010

Take 5 interview: Spiffy Tumbleweed
I first encountered Spiffy while searching for artists to feature in my book. His ultra large format work is marvelous and I am fascinated by the dedication that is required to haul a 16x20 camera around and then work with such large paper negatives. Read more>

June 4, 2010

Take 5 interview: scott speck
Scott's wide angle images are arresting. They are a simple example of how pinhole photography can captured more than the human eye can see, and oftentimes, more than the human mind can imagine. Read more>

May 20, 2010

Take 5 interview: chris pinchbeck
I must say that Pinchbeck's trailer pinhole camera is one of the coolest contraptions that I've ever read about. I can't think of a better tool to illustrate the pinhole process than a camera that you can climb into. Read more>

May 14, 2010

Take 5 interview: blue mitchell
Mitchell is an artist to admire. His two projects, Plates To Pixels and Diffusion, are excellent resources and outlets for artists who experiment with alternative techniques. He graciously provided an outline of his Acrylic Transfer printing process for me to learn and review when finishing The Pinhole Camera. Read more>

cameratopia: hot air balloon pinhole camera
One day, I imagined that it would be really interesting to make a pinhole photograph from an airborn rig. I began to research the possibilities and this is an article outlining my experiment. Read more>

May 7, 2010

Take 5 interview: rebecca sexton larson
From an observer's point of view, Rebecca's work consists of equal parts memory, myth, and magic. Her mixed-media approach to creating artwork reminds me of the layered textures of a musical composition. Just like all of the artists featured in this interview series, Rebecca reminds us once again that you do not need a sophisticated camera to make an awe-inspiring photograph. Read more>


April 30, 2010

Take 5 interview: edward levinson
Edward is an impressive photographer that truely puts his heart into his work. His soulful images capture the rhythm of life and illustrate the beauty of his natural surroundings. Read more>


April 23, 2010

Take 5 interview: Matthias Hagemann
Matthias utilizes strong graphical elements in his work, from circular vignettes to negative/reversed imagery. The stark black and white tones are more than interesting while enhanced by his selection of subject matter. His homemade cameras offer plenty to ponder as well. Read more>


April 16, 2010

Take 5 interview: jamie house
Jamie's Stranger series is evocative and haunting. The combination of multiple exposures produces an eeiry combination in this creative social experiment. Read more>

cameratopia: pinhole blender
Pinhole Blender carries a wide assortment of camera products to meet your film format needs. The simple tin can construction, with a flare of mechanical engineering, is a fun and inexpensive camera to use. Read more>

April 9, 2010

Take 5 interview: gregg kemp
The scope of Gregg's pinhole work spans an impressive 40 years. With his latest Solargraphy series, Gregg experiments with the properties of sun and moon and the characteristics they impart on a light-sensitive surface; however, that is only half of the creative equation. Read more>

cameratopia: 4m pinhole camera kit
Children love fun, and there is no reason that you cannot include them in your photographic excursions. The do-it-yourself pinhole camera kit from 4M is a perfect activity for young minds. Read more>
the buzz: Worldwide pinhole photography day
On Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (WPPD), creative photographers from around the globe gather for one purpose— pinhole photography. From professionals to hobbyists, the last Sunday of April is a day for creative fun. Read more>

April 2, 2010

Take 5 interview: Nancy Breslin
I am intrigued by Nancy's "Squaremeals" series as I feel like an outsider looking in, but at the same time invited. Her work on this set of images reminds us that the photographer does not always have to stay behind the camera and that sometimes the creation of the image is dependent on participation. Read more>

cameratopia: cigar box camera
This article outlines a few creative ways to fabricate a camera from a common cigar box. The compact and sturdy box is an inexpensive container. With a few creative ideas, you can make a work of art and a functional workhorse simultaneously. Read more>

March 26, 2010

Take 5 interview: Stanislav Sedlák
Stanislav's no-frills approach to pinhole photography is, in fact, what helps him produce wonderful images. He intentionally removes the technology from his camera and creative toolkit to get closer to the real meaning of image-making. Read more>

March 19, 2010

Take 5 interview: Laura Campbell
Laura's story is one of survival. Facing a life-threatening illness, she prioritized her life and focused her work into an explosion of creativity. Read more>

March 12, 2010

Take 5 interview: Michal Malkiewicz
Michal mixes paper negatives and film stock to create a photographic portfolio that any artist would be proud to claim as their own. His images invoke a collection of feelings and a combination of emotions. Form your own opinion about his imagery. Read more>

March 10, 2010

Take 5 interview: willie anne wright
We are very pleased to offer this featured pinhole interview with the iconic artist Willie Anne Wright.

Wright has been an important contributor to pinhole culture and promotion over the years. "The first national exhibition of pinhole photography in the USA was organized by Willie Anne Wright, at the The Institute of Contemporary Art of the Virginia Museum in 1982", according to Her creative tenacity serves as a reminder to all emerging artists that pinhole photography is a viable means of self-expression and can be fully absorbed by an artist as a creative medium. Read more>

March 5, 2010

Take 5 interview: fX lantrua
Fx's anamorphic images are twisted and mind-bending. His homemade cameras are just as interesting and innovative as his photographs. Read more>

Tips & tricks: zone plate image-making
Halfway between pinhole and lens, you will find a small device called a zone plate. The zone plate is NOT a pinhole NOR a lens, so where does it fit in? Read more>
THE BUZZ: without lenses
March ushers in a new online issue of Without Lenses. Editor Erin Malone has put together a wonderful collection of pinhole essays on her website. The new issue features content from Benjamin Wooten and Ky Lewis. Brian J. Krummel was interviewed for the previous issue, which is still available online. Read more>
THE BUZZ: pinhole portfolio
Author, Brian J. Krummel, has assembled a pinhole portfolio. The selected 60 pieces explore and define the meaning of pinhole photography. If you are new to the scene, check it out for ideas and examples on pinholing. Read more>

February 26, 2010

Take 5 interview: gregory lancaster
Greg's work is a fresh reminder that pinhole photography can be fun, adventurous, and simultaneously creative. Read more>

THE BUZZ: american photo march/april 2010
Author, Brian J. Krummel, is featured in the current issue of American Photo magazine. Read more>

February 19, 2010

Take 5 interview: DAVID NORDSTEDT
David's work experimental work is refreshing. He is unafraid of incorporating elements such as lens flare, vignetting, and photo lab mishaps into his work. He seems to be pushing himself to try new techniques and within his Flickr stream you can witness some interesting ideas in early blossom. Read more>

February 12, 2010

Take 5 interview: Jennifer Schlesinger-Hanson
Jennifer's recent series Object Diaspora is a haunting collection of images provoking memory and nostalgia. Like many pinhole artists, she perfectly manipulates exposure time to compliment her subject matter. Read more>

February 5, 2010

Take 5 interview: Cathy Lehnebach
Cathy's matchbox pinholes are gritty, full of defects, and softly focused, in other words, PERFECT! Read more>

January 29, 2010

Take 5 interview: takahiro chiba
Takahiro's work is a fantastic exploration of color and curves. All of his exaggeratted imagery is achieved through creative tools such as the Abelson Omniscope. Read more>

January 22, 2010

Take 5 interview: mike rosebery
There is a strong sense of nostalgia present in Mike's work and the feeling of the past is comforting, inviting, and yet haunting. I think pinhole photography is a perfect compliment to his work and technique. Read more>

January 15, 2010

Take 5 interview: TARJA TYRGG
Tarja is a fountain of knowledge regarding Solargraphy. She is writing her doctoral thesis on Solargraphy including the worldwide pinhole art project of Solargraphy. Read more>

December 31, 2009

Take 5 interview: MarÍa Luisa Santos CuÉllar
Maria is a featured artist in my book and I really enjoy her work. She carries a pinhole camera with her daily, capturing the common objects of her environment. Like many of the previously featured artists, her work is whimsical, enjoyable, and off-beat. Read more>

December 24, 2009

Take 5 interview: ERIN MALONE
Erin describes her work as painterly and her Polaroid images are beautiful abstractions of the natural work. Read her interview and find out why she loves pinhole photography. Read more>

December 18, 2009

Take 5 interview: BecKy ramotowski
Becky's solargraphy work is so very creative and I thought it only fitting to feature her this week as a companion to my Solargraphy Tips & Tricks. Read more>

Tips & Tricks : solargraphy
Solargraphy is the technique of photographing the sun and the path of the sun through the sky with an extended pinhole exposure. Read more >

December 11, 2009

Take 5 interview: Olaf Ben Gudbjarts
was immediately transfixed with the old-world feeling and luminousity of his images. I admire his back-to-basics photographic philosophy and the work he produces from a simple homemade wooden box. Read more>

December 4, 2009

Take 5 interview: Ky Lewis
The work of Ky Lewis is whimsical and imaginative. Her homemade cameras are fascinating creations and the images captured from them are visual poetry. Read more>

Cameratopia : Vermeer 6x6
I have recently purchased a handmade wooden roll film camera from Czarek Bartczak, a camera maker based in Wroclaw, Poland. I hope that this article will serve as an introduction to Czarek's work and product line. Take a closer look at the Vermeer camera line-up and learn more about the man behind the construction. Read more >

November 27, 2009

Take 5 interview: therese brown
There is a haunting feeling of both isolation and honesty found in Therese's work. It is this simple honesty, captured by a simple box and hole and rendered on a gelatin surface, that is captivating. Read more>

November 20, 2009

Tips & Tricks: Low Light Pinholing
This article focuses on shooting pinhole in a low light situation, which only amplifies the problems of pinhole. Not only is this feat challenging, it is often so frustrating that many newbies walk away from the art form completely discouraged. Read more>

Take 5 Interview : Stephan Kaps
Do you live near Hannover, Germany? If so, you may already know Stephan. If not, read his interview to learn more about the way he perceives the world around him through pinhole photography. Read more >

November 15, 2009

The Buzz : Alternative Photography .com
Do you want to try before you buy? Check out the new excerpt from Chapter 7. Learn how to make a 35 mm matchbox camera from our article on Alternative Photography.

November 13, 2009

Camertopia : Pumpkin Pinhole Camera
As we have seen from previous camera tutorials and outlined in the book, a camera can be constructed from virtually anything. Before you toss your Halloween pumpkin, consider it for your next camera project. Read more>

Cameratopia : Soup Can Cyclops Camera
Now that the cold weather is quickly approaching in Western Pennsylvania, soup is always a warm and welcomed friend. It is possible to transform the ubiquitious soup can into a fine art tool. Read more>

Take 5 Interview: Eric EngeLhard
Eric's interview is a perspective in the mind of another artist. Read about his technique and selected materials. Read more>

We are pleased to have partnered with the Carnegie Mellon University bookstore. They will be carrying an inventory of The Pinhole Camera in December, as well as offering it through their website for purchase. If you are local to Pittsburgh, PA, stop by their location and preview the book.

The Buzz : Alternative Photography .com
Are you a fan of Alternative Photography? Our book is now listed and available through their website. Check out their extensive collection of resources including artist galleries and how-to examples.

November 6, 2009

Take 5 Interview: Kristy Hom
Looking for a little inspiration? We interviewed artist Kristy Hom in the latest installment of featured artists. See what she has to say, think, and feel about the wonderful world of pinhole photography. Read more>

November 5, 2009

The Buzz : The Pinhole Camera Hits
We are pleased to announce that our book has been listed on Amazon will increase the options for shipping and delivery methods; additionally, Amazon will run promotions such as free shipping or reduced pricing. Check out Amazon!

Cameratopia : Mr. Potato Head Pinhole Camera
This fun project can be completed in a weekend. Learn how to make a pinhole camera from a Mr. Potato Head toy This is a fun activity to complete with kids! Read more >

October 31, 2009

The Buzz : Buy The Pinhole Camera Book
The book is finally ready for purchase! This has been a very long two-plus year project and I am personally pleased that I saw it to completion. The book is printed through CreateSpace and you can access our EStore to place your order today.

Cameratopia : Holga 120 PC Pinhole Camera
If you were not the lucky winner of the Holga pinhole camera, don't fret. You can read all about the camera in our review, and pick up one of your own. Read more >

October 30, 2009

The Buzz : Light Leaks #15
Light Leaks
magazine has released Issue 15, an entire installment dedicated to pinhole photography. The author of The Pinhole Camera serves as the guest gallery editor. Brian was asked by Light Leaks to select 25 of the best pinhole photographs from a submitted pool of over 200 original and creative images. Check out Issue 15 for some inspirational work and practical advice! Read more >

The Buzz : Shutterbug, November Issue
Check out the news stand for the November issue of Shutterbug. The photographic magazine features the article titled Pinhole's Progress; A Legendary Legacy Lives On. The author, Hugh O. Smith, is our featured artist of the week. Check out Hugh's impressive article either online or in print today! Read more >

Take 5 Interview : Hugh O. Smith
Hugh O. Smith shares his pinhole philosophy and let's us sneak a peek into his camera bag. Read more >

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