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To be perfectly honest, when I learned the title of Brian Krummel’s new book The Pinhole Camera I couldn’t help but think “not another pinhole book.” After spending some time with the book however I was delighted to learn that it is just that; “NOT just another pinhole book!”

Characterized by his own photographs, Krummel has put together a very unique perspective on pinhole photography that includes valuable information for the beginner and advanced pinholer alike. Most of Part II of the book “The Pinhole Camera” is neatly wrapped up with a Beginner Track section, an Advanced Track section and, my favorite, the Creative Opportunities section. Krummel treats the readers with images of prefab pinhole cameras as well as homemade cameras, including everything from tin cans to deer skulls to sourdough rolls, each accompanied by photographs taken with the camera – furthermore complimenting the how-to process.

As a photographer, my favorite aspect of workbooks is the photography that accompanies the instruction. These are meant to inspire the student to push the bounds of the art form and see not only a history of the art but a future. Krummel does do this by delivering a balanced, well illustrated and designed book chock-full of information for the beginner and advanced pinhole photographer. I must say that even if you are very advanced pinholer, you may find Chapter 6 - Printing new territory that you may want to wander into - you may be surprised what you discover in your own photography.

Highlights from “The Pinhole Camera”:
Creative Opportunities throughout Part II,
Red Hot Tips,
4 chapters of featured pinhole photographers from all over the world accompanied by the artists' own thoughts on pinhole photography.

I highly recommend this how-to book to educators looking for innovative pinhole techniques as well as the DIY photographer. The big bonus is that because of the images throughout and the showcase section, “The Pinhole Camera” doubles as a photography coffee table book. Get two, one for the darkroom, and one for the coffee table.

Blue Mitchell
Editor, Diffusion magazine